The best solutions that exist in the industrial coating market. And the ones that don’t exist, too.

Arpol Red Spot offers innovative solutions for the market of industrial coatings in Brazil and Latin America, always seeking excellence and the best results, allying high quality and sustainability, investment in research and innovative technology, international standards and local customer service.

Check below our main products and solutions:


Powder- Electrostatic

With less impact on the environment, the powder coating developed by Arpol Red Spot consists of a coating of electrostatic application with polymerization in easy-grip ovens and excellent mechanical and weather resistance. Its base contains resins, polyesters, epoxy or hybrid, with pigments and organic or inorganic charges.

Applications on:

    Carbon Steel

    Cast Iron



Possible products:





    Bank Automation

    Visual Communication

    Storage Systems 

With durability and aesthetic comfort in mind, Arpol Red Spot develops with its automotive customers Thermo-Curable coatings and UV Varnish whose performance, stability and coverage in plastic surfaces are amazing, as are the wide variety of combinations and finishes, enabling the best yield without losing the quality and diversity at the time of application. 


Applications on:


       Door Panels

       Panel Instruments

       Steering Wheels

   Head and Arm Rests

   Inner Door Handles

  Other Components


With local research and development, unique formulas and strict quality processes, our industrial coatings can be used in the most varied areas, thanks to our wide product diversity: enamels, primers and varnishes based on special resins, pigments, additives and solvents.


Applications on:




Possible products:



     Commercial and Banking Automation

     Household Appliances


     Hospital Equipment

     Automotive Accessories

     Among Others

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